Welcome to the 360F API portal.

Our portal provides a centralized place for API consumers to discover interactive documentation, tutorials, code snippets, examples, and other tools developers need to successfully use our APIs.

Developers can use the API Portal to:

  • Discover what APIs are available and to apply for access

  • Receive authorization to use APIs and get API keys

  • Get started on development faster with educational tools including an API catalogue, sample applications, and code generation

How it works

Access to 360F Developer API is by approval only. Please contact your account representative to get more information on the onboarding process.

Every request that is sent by your application will need to be authenticated and authorized. Once you have obtained the requisite credentials, you can connect to our API using JWT access token in each of your request.

Before you start integrating

Step 1. Access your developer account

Please make sure that you have access to a test account. Our full test environment allows you to perform calculations and simulations as what you will receive in a production environment.

Step 2. Use the correct integration type

Before integrating, you need to choose an integration type. Please refer to our use cases for more details.

Step 3. Create the calculation request

A valid request depends on specifying the expected request parameters. Please check the documentation and ensure each input is within the range of possible values to reduce the errors in processing the request.

Step 4. Process the response

After each request is processed, 360F will return the response directly to the calling service. In most cases, you will need to validate the response parameters returned. 360F accepts only HTTPS calls.