Client's financial background

The following sections describe the financial background information that can be sent over in the API request for a 360-ProVestment recommendation. These information are typically collected during a financial planning fact finding process. A minimum set of the fields are mandatory, and the recommendation request will return an error if they are not sent over.

It is expected that over the course of a fact finding process, as more information is being disclosed from the client, the recommendation that is given will become more appropriate. Hence we expect that there could be multiple recommendation requests being sent to 360F during the fact finding process to support the solution interactivity with the client.

1. Applicant Details

This covers the applicant name, age, gender, smoker status and dependent family members. Individual family members can be added and later on tagged to their respective income, expenses, assets, etc.

2. Risk Profile

This is for the risk profile score. A separate risk profiler API is available in some customer's environments to support the calculation of the risk profile score based on the risk profile questionnaire.

3. Cashflow

This is the income and expenses section, on a monthly aggregated level. Further breakdown of the income and expenses are

4. Assets

5. Liabilities

6. Social Security

7. Needs and goals

8. Budget

Integrating with ProVestment (Stand-alone)

(Model Provider)

This is for the scenario where a 3rd party uses our ProVestment APIs without saving the customers data on 360F.

The 3rd Party can calculate:

1. HappiU

2. Solution Packages (up to three packages)

3. Needs and Goals Calculator

4. Need Profiler (Presales)

5. Scenario Visualizer

Integrate with ProVestment Tenant

(Saving Customer Data on our platform)

In this scenario, the partner is providing their own front-end for the advisor or the clients, and they will use our APIs to save the financial needs analysis, and generate the solution, HappiU, Scenario Visualizer, etc in their own journey.

Sequence of API

1. Create a prospect

2. Answer presales questionnaire

3. Answer full fact-find questionnaire

4. Trigger calculations

Option A: Single Prospect

Option B: Joint Lives Planning

Option C: Household Planning including multiple dependents