1. What is an API

API stands for application programming interface. It is a set of programming tools used to build applications. APIs generally consist of a set of routines, protocols, and other tools generally used to get or update data.

2.    What is the 360F API Portal?

The 360F API Portal is a platform that provides developers access to our API suite. Our APIs offer 360F-ProVestment that can be used to power your applications.

3.     Who can access the 360F APIs? How can I get access?

Access to 360F Developer API is by approval only. Please contact your account representative to get more information on the onboarding process.

Every request that is sent by your application will need to be authenticated and authorized. Once you have obtained the requisite credentials, you can connect to our API using JWT access token in each of your request.

4.     What is an API Key?

An API key is a unique identifier that tells 360F API Portal which user is initiating a request. The API key is used to authenticate a user/application.

5.     Are there any connection limits, throttling, rate limits, etc?

In the sandbox environment, it is meant for testing and only a small number of calls are allowed per hour. For your production environment, please refer to the terms of your agreement.

6.     I need technical support, what do I do?

Please contact your account representative to arrange support from the team.

7.     How do I submit a feature request or report a bug?

Any feedback or bug report should be sent to info@360f.com and someone from the team will follow-up on your request.